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September 2022

Towards the end of 2021 Funsani donated a grant of £500 to our partner school Maanu Mbwami, in Livingstone - to support the construction of new toilet facilities - as it seeks to obtain an examination centre accreditation.

In order to obtain the relevant accreditation, the Examination Council of Zambia had asked the school’s headmaster, Pastor Chewe, to upgrade the school’s toilet facilities. Pastor Chewe reached out to Funsani advising that unfortunately funding was tight, and that he was eager to get started on the project - as the examination accreditation will enable current and future grade 7 students to write their exams at the school. Presently, they have to walk 10km from school to write their exams because the school’s toilet facilities do not yet meet the Examination Council’s inspection standards.

The school still has to raise an additional circa £500 to complete the project. However, with the support from Funsani to date, construction is well on its way (see pictures below). Maanu Mbwami plan to modernise the four existing pit latrine toilets by digging new septic tanks (as the previous ones are now full), buying new toilet pans, and installing water pipes so that the toilets can be converted into flushing toilets.

Stages of building the toilet block


We look forward to seeing the finished project later this year! If you would like to donate specifically towards this project, please donate using the link below and reach out to us via email, instagram of Facebook letting us know your name and amount donated to the Maanu Mwambi Toilet Project.

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