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As we look back over the last 20 years, it brings us immense joy to reflect on the academic success of the youngsters that grew up in Funsani Home. Our mission is to create a safe and caring environment to support the well-being and education of vulnerable children in Zambia and we are very proud of all of our youngsters academic achievements.

Our most recent graduate, Monica, who grew up at Funsani Home graduated from Kitwe College of Education with a degree in Teaching. Monica is now actively looking for a job and we wish her all the best for her future and career.


Following Choolwe’s success this Summer passing this second year, we were very excited to learn last month that Ngalaga who is studying Civil Engineering also passed his second year of studies, and has just started his third and final year of university. We wish both Choolwe and Ngalaga the very best for their final year studies!

Ngalaga at Funsani Home and Choolwe at his place of work


Lastly, our chairperson Kwilole received a lovely note from Mzyilanji who officially left Funsani Home in October. In his message, Mzyilanji wrote:

“I want to say thank you so, so much for being there for me. For all the support and love you have shown. I am cognizant of the fact that many times you had to go out of your way to ensure we back here could get the full benefit of the assistance rendered by Funsani Home. Had it not been for the good fight you’d tirelessly give, things possibly would be different….I could say more, but just know all I have are good words…I am forever indebted to you…you really have the heart of a mother.”

Thank you Mzyilanji for the kind words. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours, and you’ll always remain part of the Funsani family!

Mzyilanji at Funsani Home with Uncle WIllie, Nora, Ngalaga and Kwilole, our chairperson (from left to right).


We are always extremely happy to hear news that the youngsters who have been supported by Funsani over the years, achieve things more than we could have imagined.

From over 20 years we have seen five youngsters graduate and step into the world with a better opportunity of quality of life, and for that we must thank all our Friends of Funsani who have continued to support us and show extreme generosity.

We look forward to the next set of youngsters who are given this opportunity and for Funsani to continue its mission.

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