Breaking a Sweat Helping With Building Construction
Medical Place-ment at Kitwe Community Hospital

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Bungee Jumping at The Victoria Falls

But a visit to Funsani and other parts of Zambia, if you so wish, will have experiences that pass both ways. You will be welcomed by people that are friendly and hospitable. You will see a life that is so different from yours; both you and they will benefit from your visit.

Should this have whetted your appetite for a new experience then we have prepared a couple of documents which outline a visit to Zambia and the information we require about you. Please look at the forms and perhaps you will come to the Funsani Home instead of just reading about it.

Gap Year Project


A gap year is generally associated with young people taking a year out prior to university but at Funsani there have been others that have spent time there. People from a mixture of age groups have been welcomed at Funsani and they have enjoyed helping and contributing to the life of the home. Young people just out of school could pass on some of the education they have received before going onto university. Older people will have experience of employment, working with others or perhaps as parents and be able to pass on their knowledge and skills.



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