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Oxfordshire, England

I arrived safely back home in England, happy to see my parents again and to take a shower! But I already missed Zambia and all the people we met.

I thought this trip was fantastic. I absolutely loved the tourism side of it (Victoria falls, canoeing, visiting villages, seeing the dancing at the school, the snakes...) but it wouldn't have been as good if there had only been tourism. 

The charity work we did at Maanu Mwami School was something I really enjoyed doing and would have loved to do more. The fact that we were able to talk to people who lived there helped me understand a lot of things. We got more acquainted with the culture, the economics of the country, how everything works, what some of the challenges are, the failures and the successes.

We got to know people's opinion on several subjects, or their experience, for instance Choolwe and Chentwana's father who told us about HIV, something we would never have had the chance to do on a purely touristic trip.

We also got to experience what life in Zambia is actually like by living in Fusani home. It was sometimes hard or annoying to not have a shower, or not being able to drink water from the tap; basically, to not have the comfort we're used to. But I'm glad it was this way because I saw what it was like, and can say I got to live like Zambian people live, even if it was only for a few days. I feel like I learnt a lot by doing that, that I can relate to them more. 

Finally, the atmosphere was really good. The fact that we were such a small group enabled us to get to know each other more, and not stay only with people we already knew. We felt more at ease with young people like you than we would have with adults, so it made everything more relaxed. Even at Fusani Home, everyone talked to one another and it was nice to meet people and stay with them long enough to get to know them and make friends.

Honestly, except for the fact that I would have liked to do some more charity, I cannot think of any lowlights. 

So thank you so much for making this possible, and I hope you have an amazing time doing your Safari!




Oxfordshire, England


First off I would like to say it was a fantastic trip! I thought everything was very organised, very controlled. All of the organisers were so nice and the right age if I might add. Its nicer to have someone that is an adult but also is still young to understand us.

I think the tourism was amazing, I wasn't too sure about the museum as it was useful to know about Zambia and specifically Livingstone that way but I wasn't overly enthusiastic about it, I think it’s mostly because of the guide that wasn't overly sympathetic with us. The hospital placement was fantastic and I would advise anyone doing anything related to hospital work to do this work experience.

The food was lush I miss it so much! It’s so fresh and tasty! The two day school placement was great, I really felt that I did a lot of volunteering that day however I do think that there wasn't a lot of volunteering on the overall trip apart form these two days.

The Funsani Home was basically like a second home and all the children were fantastic. I liked the fact that we went to so many different areas of Zambia in so little days and I think it’s a very nice cultural experience, and gives you a different perspective on life.

I don't really think there was any downsides to this trip maybe the police...but even that was pretty fun since Kwilo got everything she wanted! 

I’ll say it again! It was a very well organised trip and that made our lives so much easier especially when you go to Zambia and Zambian time is like an hour later! :')

Thank you so much for everything again!

Justine xx

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