Funding of university fees


The three oldest children in Funsani Home recently graduated from secondary school and are currently studying towards university degrees, something that may have been unthinkable when they entered the home as young children.


Funsani has continued to support the children as they pursue their university studies, as we believe high-quality education is vital to escaping the poverty trap. In this way we hope the children will be able to make a positive impact on Zambian society and be in a position to help other vulnerable and disadvantaged children as they grow up.


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Chicken Project


In line with our efforts to continually increase the financial self-sufficiency of Funsani Home, we recently launched a project with one of our donor organisations to rear and sell chickens.


Donated funds were used to purchase 100 hybrid chicks, in addition to antiseptics, feeders, starter feed and materials for minor renovation to the chicken hutch. In addition, the children received free training in the principles of poultry rearing from a local vet.


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Partnership with Maanu Mbwami School


Maanu Mbwami School is one of Funsani’s official partner projects. We provide financial support and other educational resources to Maanu Mbwami School, as well as organising for students to volunteer at the school on the annual Zambia TwentyTeen trip.


Maanu Mbwami is a community school located in Libuyu, a severely deprived area of Livingstone. The school provides an education to children ranging from 6 to 16 years old.   


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School block construction


Construction has recently started on a block of 4 additional classrooms at Maanu Mbwami School. This would more than double the school’s current size of 3 classrooms. The additional block will reduce overcrowding of classrooms and increase the number of students who can attend the school.


Construction is on-going to build the roof and furnish classrooms, and any additional funds would be extremely valuable to the project.


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Maanu Mbwami sanitation project


In 2014, we received a generous donation from one of our partner schools in the UK. We proposed for some of these funds to be donated to Maanu Mbwami School in Zambia, to fund the construction of much-needed toilet facilities.


Construction of the toilets was started in September 2014. Four months later, we were pleased to receive a report from Maanu Mbwami School that the construction of a block containing two toilets, one female and one male, had been completed.


The construction of these facilities means the children are able to pursue their education with dignity, in a safe, hygienic environment.


If you would like to find out more or make a donation to continue to improve sanitation facilities at Maanu Mbwami School, please click here.

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