Funsani was started in 2002 by Apakombwele Chisuse following the death of her sister. She set up Funsani Home as an orphanage, to look after her late sister's son and other orphaned and vulnerable children in Kitwe, a city in the north of Zambia.


Funsani is now home to 11 children who live there on a permanent basis and it supports around 100 children in the wider community in the township of Chetete.


Most of the children at the home have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and are in desperate need of love, care and support. 


The home provides the children with a stable environment to learn, grow, and play. There is a clear mother and father figure and the children consider themselves brothers and sisters. This tight-knit family feel has allowed the children to thrive.


Given the high prevalence of HIV in Zambia, a number of children are HIV positive and are on medication to control their condition. The children are all generally healthy but bouts of illness do occur and are particularly stressful given their weakened immune systems. 

Despite their difficult start in life, the atmosphere in the home is truly heart-warming. Traditional fun and games are played in the evening, such as board games, dancing, singing and story telling. The children look after each other and happily help out around the house, the older children helping to cook and look after the others, while the younger children help by tidying up or washing the dishes. 


The children are very focused on educational achievement. The carers take an interest in the students' academic progress and older children regularly help the younger children with their homework. The children are often keen to discuss their career aspirations. The hope is that the children will grow up to achieve their aspirations and be in a position to help others in difficult circumstances.


The charity also has links with two schools - Mutende School in Kitwe and Maanu Mbwami School in Livingstone. Both schools aim to support vulnerable children in the local village.


Many of the children who attend Maanu Mbwami are orphans or come from vulnerable backgrounds, often relying on the school for their only substantial meal of the day.

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